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Tridactyl has been a decent replacement for Vimperator or Pentadactyl for me since I said goodbye to the XUL extensions. It supports the invocation of external editor (I mean Vim, of course) in its own insert mode pretty well, but the default behavior is to open Vim in a new terminal emulator window. Considering that I’m using tmux for most of the time, I start to wondering if I could do some tweak with the editorcmd so that instead of a new terminal emulator window, a termporary tmux window will be opened.

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As the so-called next generation of Firefox, 57, has become available as the nightly version, the death of XUL is no longer far away. As the Calendar suggests, as soon as 2017-11-14 Firefox 57 will become the stable released version, and ESR will become the only version that supports the dying XUL addons. While qutebrowser could be a solution to save my way of exploring, it is still in alpha development and lacks some of my must-have features. So the problem is clear: whether to embrace the brand new Firefox 57 or stay back with Firefox ESR (52).